EEAA Science Day Camp for Teachers

March 30th

Camp Macdowell

Nauvoo, AL

Fee: $35

Want to learn some new ideas for your classroom? Want to spend a day outside in Spring exploring the woods, streams, and farm at Camp McDowell? And all this comes with membership in one of the greatest statewide organizations for educators... Environmental Education Association of Alabama (EEAA).


Join us for a day of fun and learning at the McDowell Farm School and McDowell Environmental Center (MEC)! This will be a sampler... half a day exploring the canyon and streams of McDowell with the instructors of MEC and half a day on the Farm with our goats, chickens, and Waldo the pig.


The $35 fee includes lunch and the day camp is sponsored by EEAA (Environmental Education Association of Alabama).

Link to Register