What is the Turtle Keeper Grant?

The Turtle Keeper Grant is provided by the Environmental Educators Association of Alabama (EEAA) and may be used to implement environmental projects, take students on field trips, or to bring environmental speakers to your classrooms.

What is the history of the Turtle Keeper Grant?
The mission of EEAA is to enhance formal and informal educators' abilities to connect people to the natural world in order to foster responsible stewardship. One of our founding members connected many adults and children to their natural world. While instilling his love of the environment through his Native American heritage, he changed the culture of his school. To continue his legacy, EEAA is proud to be the sponsor of the TurtleKeeper Classroom Grant.

Who may apply?
Any classroom teacher who is a member of EEAA.

How much is the grant amount?
One grant of $200 will be awarded per year.

When is the grant deadline?
Proposals must be submitted by July 30 of each year.

When is the grant awarded?
Awards will be announced in August of each year. Projects should be scheduled to begin not before September 1 of the year awarded. The actual grant timeline will be September of the year awarded to February of the following year.

How do I apply for the Turtle Keeper Grant?
In order to apply for this grant, you must:

(1) Adhere to the following guidelines,

(2) Fill out the Turtle Keeper Grant application form, and

(3) Return the completed grant application to eeaalabama@gmail.com . Only fully completed applications will be reviewed.

Proposal Guidelines :
1. Must be a member of EEAA to apply for the grant.
2. Type all information requested on the grant application form.
3. Use 12 point or larger type.
4. Use only the space allotted. If grant items exceeds the 4 pages, it will be disqualified.
5. Do NOT include extraneous attachments!
6. Grant will not fund teacher travel or professional development.
Are there any reporting requirements for the Turtle Keeper Grant?
Grant recipient is expected to present at the annual EEAA conference or write an article
for the quarterly newsletter.
**Please feel free to email eeaalabama@gmail.com with any questions.**

Turtle Keeper Grant